Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More awesome donated books!

Lucy Monroe donated two fabulous books. I've posted the cover of WILLING, but she also sent READY. These two books are part of a three book set. READY, WILLING, and her next release, AND ABLE. What cool, cool titles!!! & the back cover blurbs sound scrumptious and just a little bit wild and wicked!

And Joyce Henderson sent WALKS IN SHADOW, which has an uber sexy cover, and she sent WRITTEN IN THE WIND. Here's the blurb from her website. :)

The sole survivor of a raid turned deadly, White Fawn was forced to face her long-forgotten white heritage, and struggled to keep the memories of her Comanche People close to her heart. The biggest danger to her peace of mind was Matthew Conway, the former Texas Ranger who tormented her dreams with his hot gaze. The little spitfire Matt rescued soon had him thinking about love and marriage--ideas completely out of the question. But perhaps he only need to listen to his heart to hear what was...WRITTEN ON THE WIND

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