Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ball Season is here!

Okay, so you can tell that ball season has officially taken over my life because an entire week has passed without my blogging---bad Janice! My kids lead very active social lives and I encourage that because I think it's important for kids to have interests outside of television (which many of you know I don't watch except for DVDs) and video games (which I'm too uncoordinated to be any good at).

Many of you have emailed asking for updates on my patient with breast cancer. She was to go for a PET scan this week, an appointment with her oncologist and with the surgeon. I haven't heard anything yet, but as long as she doesn't mind I'll keep you posted here.

I'm also involved in an auction for the Leukemia and Lymphomia Society that I'll be posting more information on soon. I've had quite a few awesome authors to donate autographed books & I've donated a "Lunch with an Author" & a name in a future book & there are LOTS of other exciting things going to be auctioned off. More details will be coming soon.

The contest for Virtual Book Bag is officially over, winners have been drawn and announcements will be made soon. I'll post a list of all the winners just as soon as I have it. :)

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