Monday, September 11, 2006

Blurrrrr of a Weekend

Wow. It's hard to believe it's already Monday night. This weekend went by so fast. But it sure was a great one. Let me tell ya about it. :)

9:00 Jessie & Jacob's soccer game
10:30 James' football game
12:30 James' soccer game
12:30 Abby's soccer game
4:00 Jessie's 2nd meeting with the talent agency (which went fab, btw!)

& in the midst of all this running, my husband tells me that he's planned a surprise & I need to pack. Pack for what??? A night at the Opryland Hotel. He'd arranged a night away for my birthday (we're not going to even touch that topic since it means I'm a year older.)

As some of you may know, the Opryland Hotel is such an amazing place & where the 2010 RWA National conference is going to be held.

The only snarf with the whole stay was a problem getting our room despite having reservations. I'll go into more of that in a later post, because I want to share the good stuff tonight...well, not ALL the good stuff. ;)

While we were waiting on our room, we had drinks at the Terrace Lounge. I got a Pina Colada & David got a Strawberry Daiquari. Yummy. A really cool thing about the Terrace Lounge is that is spins. Glad I noticed that BEFORE I'd taken a drink. I rarely ever have alcohol & if I hadn't noticed I might have thought I was really off kilter. It's a slow turn, but enough that you know you're at a move.
After finishing our drinks, we wandered through the Cascades, a section of the hotel with fabulous waterfalls.

Once we got to our room, time was of the essence because my wonderful hubby had reserved a private boat to take us for a tour of the Delta section of the hotel. By a private riverboat with our river captain (hi April!), we made two rounds around the indoor river. Yep, there is a river inside the hotel. April popped the cork to our bottle of sparkling cider & we sipped it by candlelight while enjoying our ride. Very nice. Very romantic. April took the picture & I think one of the waterfalls is behind us but because of the time of night we went on our tour, you can't make it out. :(

I took a picture of the boat, but it didn't turn out. :( I do have some pictures of the regurlar river boats. I'll post those & pics of the river, etc. later in the week.

Look what else hubby did....Okay, so he gave it to me on the riverboat & I put it on the bed & took the picture prior to putting it in the ice bucket to keep it fresh. :) As you can imagine, it was a fun, surprised filled special night & a birthday I'll never forget his sweetness. Is it any wonder I write romance???

Oh, & after I got home last night I walked 4 miles. A long way from 20 but I'm getting there! Plus, donations crossed the $1000 mark this weekend! I'm so excited! I love how the names of the people who've donated roll across the screen on the donation page! It's so cool. Thanks to all my friends who've donated thus far. I'm almost halfway to my goal!!! Thank you for helping make a difference in the fight against breast cancer!!

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Trish Milburn said...

What a guy! Definitely a keeper. :)

Janice Lynn said...

Thanks Trish. After 19 years together, he's fairly confident he doesn't have anything to worry about unless Matthew McConaughey shows up on my doorstep wanting to wisk me away for the weekend. And even then, I'd be back. ;)

MJFredrick said...

Janice, that is so wonderful!!!!