Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More Opryland Hotel pics

Tonight I'm posting pics from around the hotel shops & food courts, etc. There are lots of yummy places to eat inside the hotel. Enough so that I can't imagine someone not finding something to their taste. Plus there's restaurants for all budgets. In the food court you'll find favorites like Pizza Hut and sub sandwiches. There's a buffet style restaurant called Rachel's. & there's a fabulous Italian restaurant & a steak house, too. The steak house is set inside a gorgeous house. Well, it's not really a house, but I'd like it to be MY house. Love that porch! & yes, this is INSIDE the hotel in the Magnolia garden section.
A sushi bar in the distance. To the left is the rotating lounge with the yummy Pina Colada drinks.
There are lots of shops inside the hotel, too. Things from souvenir shops to nice clothing shops. Here's one of the more interesting shops. They sold souvenirs and western wear.
This is one of the nicer shops that sold glass trinkets and such. We took the picture because of its name. :)
Needless to say that if you're going to be visiting the hotel, you're going to eat well & shop till you drop without ever having to leave the building. Oh, and did I mention they have a Ben & Jerry's AND a Christie Cookie??????? A hotel after my own heart.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I LOVE this hotel Janice! Thanks for sharing the pics. I'm hoping that by 2010 I'll have enough saved that we can make it a family trip. I know that I'll at least be trying to bring hubby. He'll love it there. Its freaky thinking that far ahead though - by then my daughter will be turning 18! Yikes!