Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Opryland Hotel continued...

As promised I'm posting more pics from my romantic birthday get-away.

This is a photo of the river in the Delta center of the hotel. It's stocked with fish & all. the waterfalls that cascade into it are gorgeous. David & I took a private boat like the one you see. Only it was decorated with white mums, a white table cloth, candles, etc. Very romantic looking. On the table was an ice bucket with a bottle of sparkling cider which Captain April popped for us and poured our first glasses. Wish I had a photo, but it was dark & it didn't take well enough to make much out. :( David gave me a single red rose (see previous post for photo). We made two trips around the Delta. Was mega cool. Not sure the 15-20 minute trip rated the $60 plus tip, but it was very romantic & a once in a lifetime experience. Something I will never forget. Oh, and the boat tours such as the one shown are much more reasonably priced. I think they were around $15 a person. Well worth it.

One of the fountains you'll see on the boat tour.

Inside the river are huge catfish & carp. There may have been other breeds of fish, too, but these were the ones I saw lots of. Check out the albino catfish.

There 's a place in the hotel where you can stand behind one of the waterfalls. I poked my camera through the decorative iron bars & took this shot.
Another one of the many waterfalls inside the hotel. Nice, eh???Only walked 2 miles today because of having to work, but I'll bump it back up tomorrow. Oh, and the donations are up thanks to Dr. Mark Akins & Dr. Jeff Ryan & their $500 donation to the breast cancer 3 day!!! Totally awesome!!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, Janice! Now I'm getting excited about going in a few years! Just hope that all works out. Thanks for sharing, looks like you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a great cause! and the opryland hotel is always so nice.