Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New computer?

Well, maybe. I put a bid in on one at ebay and am hoping that it'll pan out. I have Sahara (my wonderful Dell laptop that's named after Matthew McConaughey's movie!!) but my desktop is about 7 years old and my monitor's color has been whacked out for some time. Plus, everytime I try to load something new it crashes. My hubby says I've pretty much maxed my memory out--not sure if he's talking about the computer or moi. ;) So, I've been watching ebay for a while and tonight I put in a bid on one. How cool if I get to start 2006 out with a new computer? Of course, I'll have to figure out a name for the one. Although Matthew's latest movie is Two for the Money I'm not thrilled at the prospect of naming my desktop that...uhm, going to think on this one...guess I should win the laptop first. :)

I sent The Glass Slipper to my agent this evening, danced to 80's music being silly with my daughter--we have had a blast with a Detrola record player my husband got me for Christmas. I can play all my old albums (can you say Air Supply, Bay City Rollers, The Rolling Stone, Sue Thompson, and more? Okay, so that's a bigger mix than just the 80's.) Anyway, Abby and I have danced around the house singing along and having ourselves a good time. Way fun.

I've had my eye on this really cool suede jacket, but getting a new computer is my top priority so I've delayed on buying it, thinking I'd get it after Christmas. Today it went on sale--what are the odds with me bidding on a computer? It was 50% off so I decided to go for it and not eat for the next month. They were sold out of my size. Not only my size but the size below my size and the size above my size--yes, I did check. Wah! Now I'm wishing I hadn't procrastinated and had just gone ahead and ordered it to begin with. That'll teach me to be a procrastinater shopper. ;)

Oh, and the above is a picture of Matthew after he finished reading Jane Millionaire. Apparently he had to cool himself off afterwards. ;)


Trish Milburn said...

Congrats on sending in the Glass Slipper. I love that title. And good luck with the eBay bid. We're dedicated eBay shoppers.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the computer! That's where all my computers have come from. In fact, if ebay sold groceries, I might never leave the house. (don't tell me they do - I need to get out every now and then). And congrats on getting the book sent out - thinking nothing but happy thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the computer and the glass slipper! Great concept babe!

Janice Lynn said...

Trish, I am feeling very unloved right now. Your Christmas card came back and my emails to you are bouncing. Wah!!! It's just W-R-O-N-G when your friends start rejecting you. ;)