Monday, February 06, 2006

Matthew Monday

Yum! Just check that smile out. Okay, so I know it's hard to drag your eyes away from check out his smile, but come on, ya gotta admit, the man has a wonderful smile. :)

No word on the submission yet. What? It probably only arrived in New York today? Am I insane for posting that there's no word yet?? Okay, YES, I am. It'll probably be weeks and weeks, but if there was some way to bottle up my excitement and plans for this story, well, SOMEONE would notice. OMG! This story is so much fun to write. I'll actually finish it this week. :) Well, the first draft, anyway.

Juding contest entries today. Won't say which one or what category for fear of being beseiged with questions. So far I've given one perfect score, one almost perfect score, two upper range scores, two mid range scores and two low scores. I HATE giving low scores. I, of all people, understand that this is someone's dream, their baby they've sent out into the world. But if I gave a high score where I didn't feel one was deserved I really wouldn't be helping the author. It's just hard to know how people will take your well meaning comments. Hopefully in the context it was meant--to be helpful or ignored if the author disagrees. Always a humbling experience to judge in a contest, though.

I finished judging my Golden Heart entries over the weekend. Really enjoyed several of those stories. Overall, my quality of entries were much higher for the GH than for the particular contest I'm judging at the moment. Perhaps because the manuscript has to be finished to final in the GH?

Kinda scary to think that Jane Millionaire is out there being judged somewhere, too. Ack. Scary thought.

Well, off to write a few pages before going to bed where I have a real life hero waiting for me. :)


Anonymous said...

I hope you get news soon! No news is good news?

Janice Lynn said...

Thanks Kendra. I'm hoping for news soon. Guess we'll see. :)