Friday, April 28, 2006

Leukemia/Lymphoma Auction

OMG! What fun!!! The bachelor/bachelorette auction was a blast to watch. The witty humor, the fun, the awesome people I met, all of it was a blast. Oh, Travis? Well, he was a hottie. His roommate, too. Lots of girls apparently thought so. The audience was like 80-90% female with quite a few of them having driven from several states away just to meet Travis!! & you might ask if The Bachelor ended up on the auction block? And if so, what's the going rate for lunch with Dr. Travis Stork? Last night it was $12,500+ FOR LUNCH. Okay, so I think Fleming's restaurant ended up donating dinner so it turned into a dinner date, but $12,500+? Wowzars. There were lots more fun auctions I'll tell ya about. I'm only online a sec, but had to share.

Here's a picture of me with Charmaine Hunt (from The Apprentice) who was auctioned off last night, too. :) Okay, so maybe posting a picture of me next to a glamourous, kick-butt, gorgeous, & smart-to-boot woman is not such a great idea....but I had a blast and knew you guys would enjoy seeing pics. :)

I'll post the picture of Travis & I tomorrow. :)


Maria Geraci said...

I was a huge fan of The Bachelor. I really liked Travis, but I sensed tht he felt uncomfortable doing the show. I'm glad that he's turned it into a positive by doing things like this.

And you look beautiful! No matter who you stand next to!

Janice Lynn said...

Thanks Maria!! According to what was said Thursday night, this was Travis' first 'public appearance' since The Bachelor ended. I didn't watch any of the shows, but was truly impressed with how he presented himself Thursday night--sincere, maybe a bit shy, and a good guy. Now, his roommate came across quite a bit differently. Perhaps a bit of a bad boy, but one with a good heart, me thinks. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Looks like your had a great time and what a FABULOUS cause! :) I'm glad the even was such a success.