Sunday, July 23, 2006

Just 2 more days!

Until Atlanta for me! I leave out early on Tuesday morning & am meeting a friend at her house as parking at the hotel is $22 a day--ack! So, we're riding over together to cut down on costs. Every penny counts when the orthodontist tells you 3 kids have to have braces. Yep, that happened this past week. I was sick, I tell you. Fortunately, the youngest (yes, he's the one with a mouth already worth over $5K!) doesn't have to have his put on for at least a year, but the other two are within the month. Eek. I need to sell a book---or two or three or four...

Anyway, as I was saying, I leave for RWA Nationals on Tuesday morning. My itinerary is as follows:

Tuesday: Arrive at Maureen's & ride over to the hotel
Meet up with friends & visit
Got to the rocking The Knight Agency party & try not to make a hick of myself. ;)

Wednesday: Eat breakfast with a group of friends that include the awesome Kelley St. John, Kathleen Long, Tawny Weber, Stephanie Rowe, Trish Milburn, & Lindsey Brooks! Wow! With starting the day like that, you know it's gonna be a good one. These ladies ROCK when it comes to writing great books.
That afternoon, I'm attending the Golden Network's first retreat & then it's the booksigning. My first RWA national booksigning that I'm signing--I'm super excited and maybe a bit intimidated, too. I mean, Nora Roberts & Sherrilyn Kenyon & Jennifer Crusie will be there! Wow!!!!

Thursday: workshops in the morning & afternoon!
Thursday evening is the From the Heart Romance Writers party. I'm looking forward to it. I serve as secretary for this chapter & it's close to my heart as it's the first RWA chapter I joined and where I met most of my closest writing buds.
That evening I also have The Golden Network's party. This is a chapter that's for those who've finaled in the Golden Heart. In 2003, I finaled with my very first entry. Blew me away. Of course, I entered the next 2 years and didn't final with books that I thought were much better. Jane Millionaire actually got a wrong category & I entered it in the category it eventually sold in--go figure.

Friday: workshops in the morning & afternoon!
This evening is my publisher party. Last year was the first one I'd attended & unfortunately the From The Heart party was at the same time. Amazingly the parties were across the hall from each other & I zipped back and forth, but I know it took away from the experience of both. I'm really looking forward to the party this year because my pal Gemma Halliday sold to Dorchester last fall (her book Spying in High Heels is out next month, be sure to check it out. It's awesome!). I actually almost ran my car off the rode when she called to tell me she'd sold! A strong gust of wind caught my car right as I squealed & ack! I also have a get together with friends after the party. It's gonna be fun!!

Saturday: I'm giving a workshop with Jo-Ann Powers & Brianna Yamashita. Not sure how many will be in attendance as I'm usually brain dead by Saturday & often miss workshops this day...bad Janice. ;) I'm having a girl's in dinner with pals that evening & then it's the Rita/GH awards ceremony. Can't wait for my pal Tawny Weber to WIN the GH for her category. She's that awesome! & my pals Anna Sugden & Beth Burgoon are going to be duking it out for Long Contemp. I'll be the one in the crowd screaming LOUDLY. :)

I just realized that I'm missing half a dozen things from this list. I don't have any of my Wet Noodle Posse stuff listed & I'm definitely attending a couple of things with my GH sisters! But the above gives you the general picture that it's going to be a fun-filled, but PACKED week. The week always flies by.

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