Sunday, July 16, 2006

RWA Nationals is drawing Near!

So difficult to believe that I'll be packing next weekend to leave for Atlanta & the Romance Writers of America conference. Every year there is so much anticipation for this event. For many writers it serves as a mile stone. A marking point from year to year to stop and take measure of where you were the year before and where you are now. For me, this year's conference is very special. It's the first time I'll be signing books at the Literacy signing on Wednesday. Not familiar with the Literacy signing? It's a huge booksigning (I'm not sure how many authors will be there, over a hundred I imagine) of romance authors that include greats like Jennifer Crusie, Nora Roberts, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christine Feehan, Lori Foster, the list goes on and on...This year my name is on that list. Okay, so realistically, I'll be excited if I sell 15 books when there are such greats on offer, but I'm there. It's a heady feeling. Surreal and a bit staggering when I think how long I dreamed of that moment.

There's an awesome blog started that gives lots of information on RWA national this year and has links to sites that are going to be blogging about the conference. If interested, check it out.

Signing off to go die...okay, so hopefully not really, but I am TIRED. Sanding & scrubbing baseboards is SOOOOO not my thing. I keep thinking "I took off work for this????" ;) Still, what little I've gotten done looks good. & hubby & my boys are home from their Buffalo River canoe trip. They did 25 miles on the river this weekend & apparently had a blast. :)

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