Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I'm off work on Wednesdays (well, from the paying job, that is.) and I always try to get more exercise in on this day since I have a bit more time. Last Wednesday I didn't get to push up my walk time any because I volunteered at Partners for Healing. But I kept my walking up each day and did a minimal of 2 miles each morning. Last Wednesday evening I walked 5 miles with hubby and then walked more over the weekend.

Today I pushed myself past the six mile marker & did 6 1/2 miles this morning. I'm hoping to go walk more this evening after my daughter's soccer practice, but either way, I'm happy that I broke the 5 mile mark. My goal is to walk 10 miles on Saturday & again on Sunday.

My hubby bought me some walking socks. Two different kinds. One I wear next to my feet and another pair made to go over them. A lady I was talking to who's done long walks in the past said she put vaseline on her feet & between her toes to keep from blistering. I'm not a major walker (big surprise, I know. ;) so this was new to me. Logically it makes sense that it would cut down on friction, but can someone tell me if it works? Or am I going to be squishing and feeling ick the entire 20 miles? Guess I should try it ahead of time to see, huh?

I also got a supply list of things to bring. Everything, including my sleeping bag, has to be less than 35 miles total. You will totally be hearing me whine about this---but I'll figure it out.

Mmmm, there's Matthew McConaughey on red carpet again. Think I'm going to chant "Follow the red carpet. Follow the red carpet." while I'm walking all these miles. At least I'll stay inspired. ;)


FerfeLaBat said...

This is weird but I'm hoping it will get to you. I am trying to get a valid email address for you to invite you to be on my humor panel at RT in Houston. Email me at my full real name (


Cindy Cruciger

Janice Lynn said...

Got your message, Cindy. I replied to your email. Thanks for thinking of me for the panel!!!