Sunday, October 30, 2005

20th Class Reunion

My hubby's class reunion was fab. We were the last couple there as hubby put the whole thing together and had to make sure the deejay, etc. got paid. It's fun to see how much people have changed over the 20 years since graduation...hubby's, not mine. I've still got a few years to go...cause I'm 29...yeah...that's it, 29. Anyway, hubby had the girls at the reception desk give everyone a bookmark advertising Jane Millionaire. He'd asked me to bring a stack, so I autographed them & everyone got one & it was so fun! Sorta surreal.

I watched Bewitched tonight with Nicole Kidman. It was a cute movie. Even though I've never been a Will Ferrell (sp?) fan, I did enjoy him in this one. Nicole was fab as usual.

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