Monday, October 17, 2005

Jane Millionaire~post #1 Jessie Davidson

As promised, once a week or so, I'm going to post from the point of view of one of Jane Millionaire's characters in a build-up to the books release on November 29!!!

Jessie is the younger sister of JANE MILLIONAIRE's heroine, Jill Davidson.

From the diary of Jessie Davidson:

OMG! You're never going to believe the major career coup that I've landed! I'm going to be the star of a reality television show! A pretend princess even. Twelve gorgeous Prince Charmings are going to wine and dine me and do their best to woo me into choosing them as Mr. Jane Millionaire. How cool is that? I mean, I've been busting my hump trying to break into the acting world and now, I'm the star of a reality television show! Wow!

But, shhhh! Don't tell my big sis (I mean she's only a year older, but you'd think she was ancient or something by the way she acts all bossy and stuff) because she'll freak out on me that I fibbed a little on my bio. Okay, so I fibbed a lot, but it's not like pretending to be a princess is going to require me to do more than wrap those hunky bachelors around my eager little finger. Men! God, I love them!!! And Jilly will be so proud that I've finally done something right. & all on my own, too.

Watch out world, here comes Jessie Davidson! aka Reality Show Princess (that really has a nice ring to it, don't ya think?)

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