Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Jane Millionaire Reviews!

Here's review #1

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Review for Jane Millionaire
Author: Janice Lynn
Date of Review: 10/10/05
Reviewed by: Rhae

Reviewer Comments: Jane Millionaire is a lively, hilarious tale that shows that the best part of reality television may not be what is shown to viewers. Both Jill and Rob are very well written characters that will take readers on an emotional roller coaster of attraction, hurt and healing.

Jill Davidson is used to protecting her little sister from trouble. However, this new problem is an original even for Jessie. Now she is in a castle, in the middle of a small country that no one has ever heard of, pretending to be her sister in the reality television show of "Jane Millionaire". Jill is not an actress just a simple police officer pretending to be a glamorous princess. If she pulls this off she would be amazed after all most men look at her as "just a friend" not a potential date let alone wife. If things aren't complicated enough the producer is the only man in her life who has set her on fire and he is completely off limits, or is he?

Rob Lancaster has had a run of bad luck both professionally and in love. If it were not for his best friend and father figure he would not be caught dead producing reality television no matter how much it would help his career. However his biggest problem with the show is the star herself. His first glimpse of Jill Davidson was like getting hit over the head by a two by four, and he hasn't been able to get up ever since. Rob is now in the battle of his life by fighting the immense attraction to Jill while she is being courted by a dozen hunky bachelors. Can he learn to trust his heart to a woman that he believes is only trying to further her career through him but makes him feel as no other woman has or will he let his past ruin his future?

Here's review #2

Reading JANE MILLIONAIRE is a sheer delight. A fantasy story you will love, two super romances and snappy dialogue makes for a wild and fun reality show with gorgeous bachelors, a beautiful princess in a castle, and a producer to die for. Two twin sisters switch places and all hell breaks loose as things get more complicated by the minute as the show gets into filming as the real princess gets into the act. Don’t miss this fabulous book. Janice Lynn is definitely an author to watch!

Suzanne Coleburn, Reader To Reader Reviews/The Belles & Beaux of Romance

Yep, I'm thrilled. It's a bit scary to send your first book out to reviewers knowing it's their job to say whether or not you suck. I can not begin to tell you how relieved I am to have two positive reviews back! Actually, I already had one from Fallen Angel that was fab! So that makes 3 positives. (I need an icon that sings & dances & gets down tonight!)

If all goes as planned, I'll post more New Jersey stuff tomorrow & then will blog from Jane Millionaire characters point of views very soon!

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