Sunday, October 16, 2005

Breakfast in my Sleeping Bag

My husband thought it would make a great title for a book. I wasn't so sure I agreed, but thought it an appropriate blog title.

I spent the weekend with my husband and two youngest kids at Boy Scout camp. We arrived Friday evening and set up our tents and roasted marshmellows & had a great time. Well, I didn't sleep a whole lot because of one of the dads was the king of snoring and I couldn't sleep (think bear roaring in the woods...or a cow someone was torturing...) Anyway, it was a llllloooonnnnngggg night. On Saturday morning, my husband served me breakfast in my sleeping bag. Yum. He'd made biscuits in his dutch oven and this yummy egg, sausage, cheese, & hash brown concoction that was really good.

During the day we had a fabulous time with the kiddos. We saw lots of deer, went to cub world, got on a pirate's ship, played in a castle, visited an Indian village, climbed all over a fort, went to an archery class, shot BB guns, uhm...I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but it was a fun-filled day as you can tell. That night we told stories around the campfire. It was so cool listening to the kids make up stories. My daughter was a riot. It was the never-ending story...don't know where she gets that.

Unfortunately the man who was the snorer had to go home. I say unfortunately because his son got dehydrated and sick. Even after pushing the water, he wanted to go home (the son, not the dad), so they went home. Saturday night...I slept like a baby.

This morning, hubby woke me up and served me pancakes and bacon in my sleeping bag...ya know, if it wasn't for having to sleep on the ground with 1700 boy scouts around, I could get into camping...

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