Monday, August 28, 2006


Tonight I'm in an introspective mood--specifically in regards to friends. I am so blessed. I swear I have the greatest friends in the whole world. Friends I am super close with and talk to every day. Friends that I can not see or talk to for weeks or months on end and then when we get together it's without missing a beat. Friends that understand me and love me despite my flaws.

Michelle Buonfiglio blogged about friends when we got back from Atlanta & posted a photo of us. It meant so much because she's such a wonderful person and a friend I made directly because of Jane Millionaire. I met several of my newest friends through their reading Jane. I absolutely adore a few of Jane's reviewer and am in the process of supervising the building of a shrine devoted to one in particular. ;)

Many of my closest friends are results of my writing career. Friends that, although we live hundreds of miles apart, are important daily aspects of my life. Friends that I can not imagine not having to call upon to chat, whine, cry, cheer, love, giggle, etc. with.

So, today's post is devoted to friends. To the ones from days gone past, the present ones, and the ones I've yet to meet. Live life large and always be the kind of friend you would love to have. Be honest, kind, caring, compassionate, uplifting, a good listener, a secret keeper, a hand holder, a tear wiper, a champagne toaster, a smiler---I could do this all night. Just as I could post pics of friends & still I'd leave someone out. Just know that tonight's post is dedicated to all of my friends--you know who you are!!!!
Anna, Terry, Tawny, & Janice!
Janice, Anna, & Kath--Three Muskateers.
I literally met this particular friend over desserts quite a few years ago in NYC.
Janice & some of the fabulous Wet Noodle Posse!!
Janice & Some of the The Writers Playground--my place to play and just be myself.

Michelle Buonfiglio & Janice (If you haven't checked out Michelle's NBC column Romance B(u)Y the Book--do it! It's awesome. Plus she has a really cool blog at She's awesome!!)
Janice & Most of theAmerican Title II & Romantic Times friends.

More of The Writers Playground friends.


Anonymous said...

Love ya tons!!!!

And thanks, just as many tons, for making me tear up. LOL

Janice Lynn said...

Awwww. Didn't mean to make ya spring a leak, but that's what ya get for being so awesome. :)

Colleen Gleason said...

Thanks, Janice. I love you too! And I am so excited for your latest WIP to get out there!