Thursday, August 31, 2006

Once a Contest Slu...

Okay, I mentioned a few months ago that I entered a writing contest with a couple of my manuscripts. YEA!!! They BOTH finaled!!! I got an email tonight telling me that they were on their way to the editor judge for placement. :)

After not entering a contest like this for over 18 months, I have to admit, it felt good to send something new out & for both of those new stories to final in the first time out. After finaling in over 40 writing contests, perhaps it's silly to get so excited, but I am. Validation of sorts, I suppose.

Plus, I had a readers group to contact me tonight about coming to speak with them on Jane Millionaire during October. I love doing that!! Lots of fun.

Off to work on the new one. I've got great vibes going on it & can't wait for my agent to send it out. Soon. Very, very soon.
I had to put Jude's pic up tonight, because one of the stories that finaled was my Jude book. :) Man, I love that story!!! It is so much fun. I have all these cool promo ideas and...okay, I'm getting ahead of myself. Got to sell the book first.


Colleen Gleason said...

Congrats on the double placement! What a nice feeling for your first foray back in after a year and a half.

And have fun at the readers group meeting. Do you take things to talk about (ie, a prepared talk) or do you do an informal Q&A?

Janice Lynn said...

In the past, I've done both. Once because I didn't know I was talking so I had nothing prepared to say to the 20 or so there. (I thought I was just doing a booksigning.) But I plan to do an informal Q & A preceded by a brief intro of who I am & how Jane Millionaire came to be. I'm bringing copies of Romantic Times magazines & will participate in their discussion of Jane.

I know at least one of the ladies & think it'll be fun. A learning experience to be sure.

Trish Milburn said...

Congrats on the contest news!

Colleen Gleason said...

Have a blast! Let us know how it goes--that would be a cool blog post.

MJFredrick said...

Congratulations on the double final, Janice!!!!