Sunday, August 13, 2006

Where did the weekend go???

It seems like I just posted that Friday post & now it's late Sunday evening. Time just zooms by when you're having fun.

My boys had a school dance slash volleyball game Friday night. Was an interesting combo & they said they had fun.

Yesterday, hubby & I worked on our remodeling project. I worked on trying to fine tune the paint removal off my stairs. Most of it is gone from where I took the heat gun to it--amazing how it just peeled away! But there are spots here and there that need mineral spirits to come off. I got three steps and part of the landing done. Hopefully, I'll get more done tonight before crashing.

Hubby stripped off all the wall paper in our hallway--which looks more like a small room with lots of doors than a hallway. He's gone through & filled nail holes etc & doing touch-up resurfacing. The walls are masonite. It looks strange in there to me right now, but hopefully by the time we get finished it'll look great. I'm almost finished with the living room except to go buy new furniture. Once done with that I'll post a picture.

Hubby, daughter, & I went to Lowe's for more paint, another stepladder, & a hang-down rack for the garage. We did a quick detour at Dairy Queen before heading home.

Branding is being discussed on a loop I'm on. Very interesting & makes me really question how I marketed myself when Jane came out. Did I brand myself? Actually, I'm pretty sure I was branded before I did anything because of the American Title contest. It's amazing how often readers, other writers, & booksellers call me Jane. Heck, for a while my MOM called me Jane. Perhaps I should have the word JANE in all my titles.

Of all the books I've ever titled my current story is my favorite. I wrote 16 pages yesterday & 11 today on my newest story. It's one that I'd mentioned to Pamela while in Atlanta. I'm so excited about this story. It's loads of fun. It's also more research than I've ever had to do. I'm learning lots!!!

Oh, & I'm 10% to goal on the 3 day 60 mile cancer walk! Thanks to Corbette, Pigtails, Cheryl, Trish, & Patricia for making donations!!!!

If you'd like to donate/sponsor my walk, please visit

I walked two miles tonight on my training. Let's see, I have to work up to 20 miles a day...I have some work to do, don't I??? Hey, maybe I'll permanently drop that 5 pounds that keeps coming and going. That would be cool!!


Anonymous said...

Did you know he was in Atlanta the same time we were?

Down the street in some bar back in the VIP section. Lucky Pocket editor got to spend the evening looking at him.

Janice Lynn said...

Yeah, I'd heard that and was verrry verrry sad I missed out on seeing him in real life. Someday...Maybe when I get the Matthew book written it'll get optioned for a movie & he'll play the lead &, I have not been drinking this morning. ;)