Thursday, August 24, 2006

Breast Cancer Article

Woo hoo! I found out tonight that I'm going to be writing an article on Breast Cancer for a local newspaper. Very excited about this for lots of reasons. I haven't decided on the exact slant I'm going to take with the article yet, but plan to work on it this weekend--in between polishing my latest single title proposal which is easily my best writing to date. I'm not sure how much that's saying, but I know deep in my gut that this story is it. My agent believes it, too. But I digress, back to the breast cancer article. It's likely going to be on the front page of the newspaper! How cool is that???? I'm hoping to raise awareness of the disease, plus raise funds for the walk. I'm $695 in have to raise a minimal of $2200. I'm hoping to raise more.

I called on a For Sale by Owner house yesterday & discovered that they'd just listed it with a realtor. The price went up $30,000. Ugh! So I went from very interested to not so interested. Well, okay, I love the house. There's 5 acres with it. The land's not quite as great as the house David & I made an offer on earlier this summer, but the house is much more to my taste. The other house backed up to a small river (more like a creek that can be waded in and the kids could catch minnows & crawdads.) and had a natural spring we could dig out for a pond. This one doesn't. The other house was also perfectly located for us. This one is a few minutes further out, but still not bad. Actually, it's closer to David's work--further from mine though. If it doesn't sell through the realtor I may go look at it in a few months, otherwise I guess this one's a no go, too. Good thing David & I are in no hurry to buy a house & move, eh? Besides, with all my remodeling, it's sorta like living in a new house already. ;)

My oldest son (the Prez) got his spacers put on yesterday and gets his braces on Tuesday. My daughter is getting her braces on Tuesday, too. Fun. Fun.

Off to write for a while before crashing. It was another long day at the office. A good day though. Night all!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your efforts to raise money for such a WONDERFUL cause.

You're a gem, Janice.

Terri Garey said...

Where do you get your energy, Janice?

I think this WIP is the one, too. I've heard many good things about it from your favorite CP!

Good luck on the house!