Thursday, November 10, 2005

Getting High Concept

Now that I have your attention...

Currently I'm in a chat at The Knight Agency's chat room. Nephele Tempest is answering questions. If you're a writer and interested in learning more about the industry straight from a fabulous agent, you really should read The Knight Agency blog and go to these chats. I always learn something!

I know I've whined (yeah, yeah, I know you can barely believe I whine) about the term HIGH CONCEPT in the past. It's such a buzz word about the industry and one that every time I think I get a handle on it, I realize I wasn't quite right. Perhaps the definition is fluid? I REALLY liked Nephele's definition:

She said "it's a term that's carried over from Hollywood and means an idea that's really angled toward being a potential blockbuster. As far as books go, these are generally ideas you can easily sum up in just a line or two, and that break out of the mold a bit."

I really like that as it's simple yet makes sense. Now if I could just pull off writing a HIGH CONCEPT book....well, Matthew McConaughey has totally inspired me so I'm off to write!

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