Thursday, November 03, 2005

Jane Millionaire~Post #2 Jill Davidson

Phew! What a day. First, I had to deal with some jerk-off who thought he could sweet talk me out of giving him a ticket. As if. Then I came home to find out Jessie forgot to pay the electric bill. Again. It's not that my sister means to do these kind of things. She doesn't. It's just that she has more important things to worry with. Like her hair. Her make-up. Her shoes. Her thighs. Pretty much anything that has to do with the way she looks. Jessie isn't vain. She's beautiful & knows it. Too bad beautiful women are a dime a dozen in Hollywood and no one's noticed what a gem my sister really is. Well, I shouldn't say no one. Men do notice Jessie. They can't seem to help themselves. Pretty much any guy I've ever met has fallen all over himself trying to catch Jessie's attention. Well, except formy best friend, Dan. Dan. Sigh. That's another reason why my day has been a doozie. Dan's new girlfriend throwing a hissy fit because I had dinner with him. Hello, the man is my partner on the police force. Of course, I'm going to have dinner with him from time to time. Actually, we usually share several meals together each work day, but I suppose this was different. After running to pay the water bill, I met the guys at the gym and we shot some hoops. Dan & I grabbed a pizza and a couple of beers after the game. No big deal. Okay, so we were once engaged & I still think he's my Mr. Right, but his girlfriend was WAY out of line for ragging him about spending time with me. It was pizza & beer not caviar by candlelight. Some days I swear men don't even notice that I have boobs and am missing a certain dumb stick cause I'd stake my life on the fact that they just see me as another one of the guys.

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