Sunday, November 27, 2005

Warning! Busy Week Ahead!

Wow! What an amazing week this is going to be. Well, that's the hope and idea, anyway. Why??? Because it's JANE MILLIONAIRE's official release date on Tuesday. Plus, there's that fabulous review up at and JANE MILLIONAIRE is this week's A Week of Romance feature and on November 30th, my interview on the Definitely Dana! radio talk show airs at 2 PM Central Time. The show can be accessed at by clicking on the Definitely Dana! link, but don't worry if you miss it as it'll air again on Dec 3rd at 7 PM Central and then will be accessible in the archives for about 10 weeks. And on Thursday, Dec 1st I have a chat at The Knight Agency's chat room from 9 till 10 Eastern time. And, then there's this fabulous loop where we'll be throwing a cyber party on Tuesday night and giving away prizes to celebrate Jane's release! Pretty wild, eh?

And speaking of prize giveaways, tonight's winner is chekru2003. She/he wins an autographed copy of Sandy Blair's A Rogue in a Kilt. If you aren't a member of my readers group, be sure to join (see previous post on instructions how) so you can get in on the fun and be there for the cyber party we're throwing on Tuesday night to celebrate JANE MILLIONAIRE's release. Oh, and if someone could let please Matthew McConaughey know, I'm saving him a seat next to me at the party. Okay, so it's more of a settee in a dark corner...hey, it's my party, I can dream if I want to. ;)

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