Friday, November 04, 2005

Off to Birmingham for the weekend

I'm off to Birmingham this weekend for a readers luncheon! If any of you live in the area, it's the Southern Magic Romance Writers luncheon held at the Homewood Library. Would love to have some of y'all drop by and say hello...wish I could say & buy a book, but I've got 26 official days until Jane Millionaire hits the shelves!!! Oh my!

Today, I had a patient to tell me that he saw the magazine feature on me & Jane Millionaire & the American Title contest. His 17 yr old nephew pointed out the article to him and that it was me in it. It was a weird feel. Cool, yet different. I almost think people expect me to act differently because I have a book coming out and am recieving some media attention. I can't imagine ever being anything other than just myself--take me or leave me as I am cause what you see is what you get. Although, perhaps there are people who are hoping I'll change? Grow up, perhaps??? Nah, will never happen. I enjoy life and breathing in all it's many treasures--which to me are quite simple. Things like a child's giggle, a cloudless blue-blue sky, a rainbow, a lazy day spent in the sunshine, a kitten curled in my lap, well, you get the idea.

Y'all have fun and try to be good while I'm gone...yeah, yeah, I know. What's the fun in being good??? Well, in that case, I'll leave ya a picture to be bad with.

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