Sunday, November 06, 2005

Tired, but Home From Alabama

I drove home from Birmingham today. Listened to Sandra Brown's White Heat while I drove. Definitely made the drive more enjoyable and was a great listen. I have to admit that I've never read her that I recall, but I've heard so many other authors and readers talk about how fab she is that I've wanted to and when I saw the book on tape by her I thought it fate.

Jane Millionaire's Amazon numbers dropped the lowest I've known them to go. They were at 6,000 tonight. I suppose a lot of people think it's crazy to be excited about being 6,000 from the best, but I'm thrilled. Especially since this is the first time I've dropped below 10K that I know of. I try not to look at the numbers very often, but I had a wonderful feature in a magazine come out over the weekend and I've watched my numbers to see the impact. I think it was a success and I owe the author of the article a huge debt of gratitude. The article absolutely rocked. I loathe the pictures, but then, they're of me, so I suppose that only makes sense. But the article...well, she made me sound fab, so saying she's an incredible author is a huge understatement. THANK YOU, TRISH!!!

I had a lot of interesting emails from people who'd seen the article. Some just congratulating me. Some asking for advice as they are aspiring authors. Some from organizations and groups. I even had emails from patients and from parents of kids that go to school with my kids. I even had a few offers from people wanting to critique with me--which I find humorous as I remember a time when no one wanted to crit with me & I was once even dumped by a crit partner after she published because my writing wasn't of the same caliber as hers. I've declined them all, of course, as I have a great crit group at the writers playground, but I smiled at the offers.

All in all a great day. Now I'm off to snuggle with my hubby since I've missed him this weekend...not even a copy of Matthew McConnaughey's Stetson ad could waylay my missing hubby. Go figure.

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