Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Janice Lynn Readers Group!

Ack! I recently discovered that somehow my link to join my readers group is no longer on my website. As anyone who knows me knows, I'm a computer idiot and freely admit to it. I've sent the updates to my webmistress, but wanted to get the information out there as to how you can join my readers group. I mean, I am giving away a prize a day until Jane Millionaire's release on November 29th (2 weeks to go!!!!!! Oh my!) and would love to see lots of you as winners!! You have to be a member of my yahoo group to be entered. I know, I know, not another yahoo group. Fortunately, this one is not one that will bog down your in box. Under most circumstances I only post once a month. With doing the contest, I am posting daily right now to announce the winners!

Yesterday's winner was Betty Hanawa! She won an autographed copy of Joy Nash's Cerltic Fire. Woo hoo!!

Tonight, I'm giving away an autographed copy of Tanya Michael's Not Quite As Advertised.
Tomorrow night is an autographed copy of Kathleen Long's Get Bunny Love. Have y'all read Kathleen's new one? Cherry on Top. It's an absolutely fabulous book!!!

Anyway, you get the idea! I'm giving away a lot of great prizes! & all you have to do to be entered in each day's contest is join at:


I'm hoping this link will work (Remember, I'm computer challenged), but if not, send me an email at janice@janicelynn.net & I'll send you an invite.

Thanks! & happy reading!

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