Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Wonderful People in my Life

I was very blessed today while at work. The majority of people who came in to see me had seen the article and commented positively on it. One patient in particular knocked me off my feet. Literally. He pretended to be for a tooth ache...only catch, he wears dentures. Then he pulls out this package from behind the exam table and it's a beautiful handmade wooden frame with intricate detail with a photo from the article inside. It's a shadow box frame and just amazing. I took one look and fell back into the chair behind me and cried. It's hard to explain, but his (and his wife because she was there and grinning) gesture just meant so much to me. He made the frame and yesterday they went and had the picture matted. It's also the first one like it he's ever made, so that makes it even more special. It's embossed with his name and everything! He said they planned to bring it to me on Thursday, but his wife was so excited about it and kept saying they should bring it today, so they did...and well, I'm moved. Moved that someone would go to that much work and effort to do something nice for me. Moved that he and his wife went to all that trouble. Moved because it was so unexpected.

I also got a fab picture of me and Jennifer Echols that was taken at the Southern Magic Readers Luncheon this past weekend. Jennifer is represented by Nephele Tempest & I'm repped by Pamela Harty at The Knight Agency--which is a totally rocking agency.

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