Tuesday, January 24, 2006

American Title 2

Round 3 Voting started today. Youch. Flavia was a bit brutal, but then, that's her job. I kept having to remind myself of that last year when it was JANE MILLIONAIRE being picked apart and I hope all this year's finalist know that as well.

I really can't complain about Flavia though. She wasn't too bad to me except in Round 4 & we won't even go there as I still have nightmares about her comment. Well, I did prior to getting my reviews of JANE MILLIONAIRE. Now, I'm pretty much okay with it. So far, Jane has gotten fabulous reviews and I've recieved some wonderful fan emails. Even a few by mail. I've heard several published authors say that they don't even bother reading their reviews any more. I'm definitely not to that point, but I do have to say that I don't get quite as freaked out as I did to begin with. Of course, when book 2 gets ready to be released it will probably be a different story all together.

Now, if you haven't voted in round 3, be sure to get over to www.americantitle2.com which will take you directly to where you can vote or go to www.romantictimes.com and follow the American Title links. These gals are competing for their life dream---to be published. Make sure you help one of them acheive that dream. There are some awesome sounding stories there that I can't wait to read more on!!!

Smooches! Oh, and the pciture above is a blast from the past from New Jersey 2005. The Writer Playground gals--well, some of us, anyway. :)

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