Thursday, January 05, 2006

Win an Autographed copy of Jane Millionaire!

Hey guys, I'm giving away an autographed copy of Jane Millionaire over at Access Romance. All you have to do is post a response to one of the questions & you're automatically entered. Access Romance chooses the winner, but you have great odds of winning as there are only about 20 or so responses on each of the 3 questions. Y'all go post something!!! click on the Tell Tale (it's the 2nd paragraph I think) & then click on read the column. At the bottom of the article are the questions. Just pick one and post. Answer all three and you're entered 3 times. :)

Go win a copy of my book!!!!



Maria Geraci said...


I just started reading Jane and I love it! I'm such a reality TV geek. Mix that up with my love of romance and I wonder why I didn't think of your plot!! LOL! Can't wait to finish it!

Janice Lynn said...

Actually Maria, I'm surprised someone else didn't think it up. It's such a fun premise. Usually when I come up with something like that I discover someone's already done it. :)

Thanks for the kudos!! & hope the end lives up to your expectations.