Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Law of Jude

Okay, I am still totally a Matthew girl, but ever since I watched Cold Mountain, I've been a Jude fan too. I honestly didn't know what he even looked like much less that he'd been "Sexiest Man Alive" in 2004. Yeah, yeah, I know. I live under a rock. Anyway, in my new book, my hero's name is---yeah, you guessed it---Jude. OMG! This book is a hoot to write. I mean, I have this gorgeous hero with the most amazing eyes & he's a total bad boy....okay, so I'm going off on a tangent and I'm hearing all these gasps of "What about Matthew??" Don't worry, I still adore Matthew, but let's just say I'm having a little short fling while writing this book. ;) Shhhhh, nobody tell my hubby or Matthew that a new man has entered the world of my fantasies.

You know, I really do blame this on the sucky ending to Cold Mountain. (fabulous movie, sucky, sucky, sucky ending.) I lay awake that night rewriting that ending a hundred different ways. Yes, I know it's the romantic in me. Add that I'm a romance novelist on top of that and it just makes sense that I couldn't let that be the end of the story in my head. No, I haven't dipped into the historical market, just writing my own version of Jude. Only I think in my story, his character is a bit more true to life. A total scoundrel that we women adore anyway. Ah, the proverbial bad boy we want to tame---or be bad with. ;) Oh yeah baby!!

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Fabu choice :)

Hamana hunk.