Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday Meanderings

Well, the workshop has started. So far, so good. :) At least, I think so.

Researching an article on Scleraderma for the e-zine. Scleraderma is what fellow Golden Heart finalist Maryanne Cappelluti died from. It'll be posted there in February.

Polishing up a new proposal that I plan to send to my agent on Wednesday unless she thinks I'm insane. ;) Which is entirely possible because this new idea is a bit out there, but I'm having a hoot with it.

After mailing Causin A Commotion to my editor on Saturday, it hit me what kept bugging me about the story. I knew I hadn't nailed something but just couldn't figure it out. Of course, now I wish I could pull it back and tweak that thing and change the sequence of my first chapter. Hopefully, I'll get the opportunity. :)

A close friend got a reject from NAL today. She's so talented and the story that got rejected totally rocks. Sometimes this business is so frustrating. Of course, I called and sang "Happy Birthday" to her and she died laughing---I'm only 11 months ahead of schedule. ;) But she laughed so it was soooo worth it. On a happy note, my pal, Renee Luke, sold to NAL!!!! Very cool!!!

My oldest son has decided he wants to be a WWE wrestler...oh man. Enough said.

Off to watch Wedding Crashers with hubby! (read as "snuggle on the sofa" ;) )

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