Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday Wishes

I had a tele-conference with my fabulous agent today. It went really well and we're getting ready to start submitting my stuff soon. Other than to my Dorchester editor and another editor who now has three of my mss & called me on one with revision requests (so keep your fingers crossed), we've not submitted anything. That's all fixing to change as we gear up to take on 2006 and make it a fabulous year.

I'm really excited about my paranormal. It's fun and a story I am so proud of. The full is done on it and I'm working on a 2nd paranormal's proposal--just in case. And then there's that 3rd idea I have... ;)

Plus, I just finished a proposal for a new contemporary that I can't wait to write. It's an absolute hoot and something I can just have a blast with while writing. Can you tell that I like to have fun with my writing? Anyway, I can't say more on it at the moment, but keep your fingers & toes crossed on that one cause I'm dreaming big with this one.

Plus I need to get two more contemporary proposals written. I have the blurbs and a general idea, but need to get the first 3 chapters and a synopsis together. They should be fun stories, too. :)

Busy. Busy. Busy. So, my Wednesday wishes are that I'm able to write the stories in my head to the level they deserve to be told. Oh, and for lots of writing time....not asking for much, am I??? ;)

My workshop seems to be going well. :) Yea! & I just finished an article on Scleroderma for the site. It'll go live in February when the new issue is up. (It's an e-zine site). Oh, I also posted some flashback pictures of me and some pals over at if anyone's interested. :)

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Anonymous said...

Go for it, Janice! Good luck gal.