Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kendra Clark's debut novel!

A writing pal of mine is celebrating the release of her first book. It's an e-book. I've not read the entire story, but I did read the beginning many moons ago while she was writing the story and I can tell you it's a really cool concept.

Spirit Warrior by Kendra Clark

Spirit Warrior by Kendra Clark
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What's worse than being dead? For Ancient Aztec Warrior, Cenyaolt, it's being cursed. Once an Aztec Prince, now a servant to the lord of the
underworld, Cenyaolt wants nothing more than to complete his ninth level of hell and rid himself of his father's 500 year-old vendetta. But when
the gods conspire to return him to Earth for the final task-- the one that will end his torment--he lands straight in the arms of an
ivory-skinned goddess. Will he be able to give up eternal peace for love?
Gabriella O'Connell wants to be normal. But when you're psychic, it's not something easily accomplished. Especially when those abilities are
responsible for the death of her parents. So when her psychic abilities send her erotic dreams containing the most sensual man she's ever laid
eyes on, she's a little freaked out to say the least. Especially after one dream goes haywire, catapulting her into Mesoamerica where she
witnesses her dream lover's gruesome murder. So when that man magically
appears in her clothing boutique, /Ella Designs /, she has a decision tomake. Will she continue denying her abilities even if they'll stop five
hundred years of suffering?

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Anonymous said...

ahhh thanks Janice! FYI my mom read your book and is now hounding me to get your autograph.Hee hee

Janice Lynn said...

Cool! I'll have to get my mom a copy of your book & get your autograph for her!!!

I'm doing a book signing this Friday. It's my 2nd one. S-C-A-R-Y!!