Monday, January 23, 2006


For anyone who has read JANE MILLIONAIRE, you'll have picked up on the rose theme. There's a rose on the cover and Rob smells roses everytime Jill is near and well, you get the idea. Quite frequently when I autograph a book I'll write "May your life be filled with roses". & I mean each word. There's something about roses that embodies love and happiness and good feelings on the inside, ya know? I believe this so much that I'm giving away (at my own expense mind you) roses every month for a year. You have until January 31st at midnight eastern time to enter as the drawing is on February 1st. Make sure you're entered.

Okay, I digress from the purpose of this post. Today, I got 6 beautiful red roses delivered to the office. Getting roses at work is one of those "wow" moments where everyone wonders what you did special last night (or will be doing that night!) or what bad thing your man did.

David is a great man & very rarely does bad (yes, he occassionally does--after all, he is a man. ;) & I knew what I had and had not done, so I was thrown. I was really thrown when I opened the card and it wasn't from him.


Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Matthew's worried about all these Jude pictures and thought he'd better do something about it before I converted forever, so he sent the flowers in hopes of wooing me away from my temporary Jude fascination. Or maybe you thought Jude was so HAPPY to be the focus of my attentions that he sent them in hopes that once I went Jude I'd never go back....Nice thoughts.

Alas, it was even better than the above. The flowers were from a marvelous lady who read Jane Millionaire & thought it was "wonderful". She added roses to my life and gave me a wonderful smile and a wonderful surprise. How cool is that?????

Oh, & did I mention the chocolate bar tied to the side of the vase???? YUM. Roses and chocolate! Woo hoo!!

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, Patricia! You really brightened my day & it's a pleasure knowing you.

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MJFredrick said...

Oh my gosh! Janice, that is soooo cool!!!