Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

Doesn't it just make you cringe to think another year has come and gone? It does to me. A new year. A time of reflection over what the last year has brought into your life and what it's taken. A time to look at where you stood a year ago and where you stand today. Did you take steps in the direction you want to go?

For quite a few years my most fervent dream/resolution/goal has been to sell a book. 2005 saw that dream turned into a reality. Oddly enough with a reality show based book called, drum roll please because I *know* y'all haven't heard this before, Jane Millionaire, when I won the first ever American Title contest in April. 2005 saw the addition of many new friends and acquaintances to my life and also older friendships that grew richer and stronger. 2005 saw the death of a beloved patient who'd been fighting cancer for several years and lost the battle in September. 2005 saw my parents enter a new phase of life when my dad retired in May. 2005 saw me learn new skills and step outside my comfort zone as I struggled with learning the ins and outs of promotion. 2005 saw me come out of the closet about my writing during the AT contest and much more so when a state-wide magazine ran a 3 page color feature on me and the contest. 2005 saw my husband and I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. 2005 saw twenty pounds attach itself to my hind-end and saw me work to shoo it away. I could go on and on, but the point is, it's all in the past. Come and gone and where am I now, at this point?

I'm starting over. Starting a fresh year with a clean slate and I can refocus on the things that didn't go as planned for 2005 and set new goals for 2006.

My CP sent me a paper weight that is says my theme for the year 2006. You'll hear me repeat it from time to time during the year.

Go confidently into the direction of your dreams! Live the life you always imagined. Thoreau.

All my goals for this year are going to center around this one statement. I'm still making my list, so it's not something I'll post at this time. Perhaps soon. Perhaps not. What really matters is the goals you set for yourself. Are you going confidently in the direction of your dreams? Are you living the life you always imagined? If not, why not? & what can you do to start taking those confident steps in the direction of those dreams?

On a funner note...Perhaps someone should warn Matthew that I'm planning to go in the direction of my dreams...Matthew is quite dreamy, isn't he? ;) Making out at the 50 yard line? The water tower? Coppertone? I can do coppertone...;) Ahhhh, the dreams I'm gonna have tonight.

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