Monday, January 30, 2006

Feeling nervous!

Ooohhhh! My agent is getting ready to send out my new proposal!!! YEA!!!! My stomach is all fluttery and my heart is pounding! & wow that sentence above is a doozey, eh??? LOL. The point is that I've written something new (yes, it's the Jude book--& I'm loving the inspiration!) and submissions are going out this week & I'm excited over this!!! I am soooooo psyched over this book. I love the characters and the plot and everything about it! & yes, I am a little bit in love with my hero--but that's a good thing, right? As a writer, if I can't fall in love with the hero, how could I possibly expect anyone else to? While writing Jane, I was into Rob (he really is one of those yummy heroes!) & now Jude. Like, didn't all of us fall a bit for Mark Darcy? For Rhett Butler? For Heathcliff? For Colin Byrne? For...the list goes on. Falling a little biti n love with the hero is something that's vital for a book to be good for me. I've been there for the entire journey, if I don't fall a little in love with the hero, how can I believe the heroine has, ya know? Anyway, Jude it is!! & he's an awesome hero. A total rake who my heroine is reforming in her own special way. ;)

I don't think I even had this much fun while writing Jane--which is saying something cause I had a blast with that one, too.

Sooooooo, keep your fingers crossed for me that this one goes well and lands in the right editor's hands at the right time because I would SOOOOOOO love to have a reason to promote this book. :)

Oh! & as a reminder, if you haven't entered my roses for a year contest, get over to super quick & click on contest. Tomorrow is the last day to enter!


Trish Milburn said...

Good luck with the new submissions, Janice! And Jude needs to get rid of the ciggie. :)

Diana Peterfreund said...

Break a leg, Janice!

Janice Lynn said...

LOL, Trish. I agree with you on the ciggie!!! :)